Replica Football Kits – Why They’re More Than Just A Football Shirt

Every top football team has a replica football kit to buy and many people do much to the amusement of people who hate sport, so why do it?

Many think it’s because it makes the wearer believe they are a footballer and as good as those on the pitch. I won’t and can’t deny that maybe there are a few that think this way but I honestly don’t think that’s the reason. I believe the real reason is the sense of community that it creates.

Let me give you an example, there are two men at the station, a middle aged man wearing a suit, and another young casually dressed man listening to his iPod. The likelihood is the two will keep to themselves and not start up a discussion. If you move these two people however onto Saturday and they’re both at the station wearing their Arsenal shirtsแทงบอลออนไลน์ then you can bet within 10 minutes they’ll be talking tactics, transfers and the missed opportunities of the last match.

This country needs to rebuild it’s sense of community and one of the best ways to do this has always been through football and the replica football kit is playing its own special part in bringing us all back together so if you’re a football supporter and want to get that community spirit back why not pop on a replica football kit before you go to your next match and see the difference it makes, you may well come back with more friends than you went there with!